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Women + Advertising = Success

March marks Women’s History Month as well as International Women’s Day. WAA would like to celebrate the many remarkable achievements of women past and present. Today we’ll feature women who have made notable contributions to media an advertising industry. Here are a few, of the many, female leaders who shared their stories’ of establishing their identity in the advertising industry.

Asha Neuville,

A Global DSP Manager at Dell, Asha Neuville has been with Dell for 14 years, and is responsible for Dell’s program strategies for consumer and commercial markets. Asha is also a major advocate for waste reduction in manufacturing; she has led the Zero Plastic Team at Dell, Montpellier to help get rid of plastic on site. Her advice to women who are looking to advance in the advertising and communications industry is to go out there and ask questions; never be afraid of not knowing. The industry changes every day, so continuous learning is key to staying on the edge.

Aimee Harney

A purchases group manager at Procter & Gamble, Aimee Harney has spent the last 13 years working with the purchases department. But for the last 5 years, Aimee has been broadening her talents to advertising in digital media. With a steep learning curve into the ad tech industry, there were many people, throughout her career, who have contributed to her success; but she would be remiss if did not mention her closest mentor, Jen Schutte. Jen Schutte is a member of P&G’s Data Science team. Working with Aimee as a mentor, Jen was a great teacher and took the time to guide Aimee throughout her career in ad tech. In addition to Jen Schutte’s mentoring, Aimee also appreciated the chance to work with incredible people in IT department. The IT teams frequently invested in her learning and she was fortunate to have a strong line of women leaders supporting her in her work; Aimee believes that being surrounded bymany inspirational women, of different backgrounds, was what made her success possible.

Lauren Silva,

Vice President for Global Partnerships at CBS Interactive, Lauren served as an account manager for CBS digital platforms. Prior to her current position, she developed CBS Interactive’s mobile ad campaign, and served in a variety of marketing and business developments with Microsoft Digital Advertising and Gap Inc. She breaks down some of the most important things to keep in mind for those looking to enter the advertising industry:

1. Strive to be the best you can be because no one else can or should push you as hard as you can.

2. Find your confidence and voice; understand your values and stick to your moral code.

3. Always seek out opportunities to learn, especially in a tech landscape where it is key to be adept at making the complex simpler.

And finally, but probably most importantly,

4. Be kind to people regardless of their position or title. As I have found, you can learn from anyone in totally unexpected ways. I have been amazed how seemingly unconnected conversations lead to new perspectives and open doors in new and exciting ways.

There are many more who I would like to tell you about, but I would make for a lengthy blog. Here are the names of those awesome ladies:

Jeanne Leasure, Chief People Officer at SpotX.

Jill Steinhauser, Senior Vice President, Ad Sales Planning and Operations at Discovery.

Katherine Pond, Vice President of Business Development at VIZIO.

Kelly McMahon, Senior Vice President of Global Operations at SpotX.

Purwa Jain, Director of Advertising at HOOQ.

Rachel Mervis, Global Programmatic Lead at Nestlé.

Ria Madrid, Vice President of Media Strategy & Operations at XUMO.

Trace Rutland, Director, Digital Hub at Ocean Spray.

Jessica Dufresne, General Manager of Advertising Operations and Sling Tech at DISH Media.

If you enjoyed this blog, feel free to support our future advertisers, male, female, and non-binary alike, here at WAA. Working with WAA, not only offers affordable insight for your small business, but also provides experience and confidence for the advertisers of tomorrow. Reynaldo Mayans---The Advertising Cowboy.

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