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WAA: Who ARE we?

No, we aren’t crying (although school can be super stressful at points) but, we are WAA! WAA stands for Whitewater Advertising Association and is composed of students from different academic years and advertising skill levels. We work with a variety of companies that range from very local, such as You Had Me At Cello, to even international businesses such as Triple L Safaris located in Africa! Featuring positions such as copywriters, graphic designers, and account managers, there is something for everybody in WAA!

Curious on what WAA is all about or just want to see what a meeting is like? Stop in to Heide Hall Room 309 every Wednesday night starting at 7pm to get to know the members and learn about what advertising can do for you (and sometimes, there’s even snacks!)

So, if you have a passion for advertising and want to put those creative ideas towards something amazing, consider joining WAA today!

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