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(Un)Traditional Media

With an ever-growing digital world, traditional media, like Billboards, newspapers, radio and TV have been thrown by the wayside. When people hear traditional media, they usually think it is outdated, and archaic. And with the impact of the digital media, who can blame them? However, advertisers who are turning their backs on traditional media are missing out one the opportunities it has to offer.

Traditional media thrives in commuting venues: public transportation, buses, subways, airports etc. Unlike digital media, traditional media has the ability to be adaptable to all of the 5 senses. While waiting for your train, you hear the clever jingle of a radio ad. On your commute to work, you may drive past billboards with engaging graphics. A bus with decals across its window, or even ads car wrapped around an entire SUV. Traditional media is everywhere.

Regardless of its archaic stigma, traditional media has been innovating in ways to compete and survive in a digital world. For instance, traditional media has beaten digital media to the punch of innovating smell-o-vision into their ads. In South Korea, Dunkin Donuts created an ad campaign where air diffusers were installed on public transport. After the Dunkin Donuts’ radio as is played, the diffusers are programed to release a scent of freshly made coffee into the air. Appealing to early morning commuters, the mix of auditory and olfactory appeals remind commuters the rich smell and taste of a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee.

When considering where you want to invest in your ad campaign, remember that traditional media has the power to reach your target audience in untraditional ways. Explore our site to begin your ad campaign today. -Reynaldo Mayans the Advertising Cowboy.

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