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The End--- A New Beginning

May 14, 2022, is the day many have been waiting for to come some were just out of high school and some took time out before taking on four more years or more. Did it go fast or was it so slow that you felt like it would never end? How many nights did you stay up cramming for a test or finishing a paper that was due in the first class of the day? Remember went you turn 21 in the middle of the week, and you debated to go celebrate but you had to study for an exam and needed to finish the presentation, and all your friends were pushing you to go celebrate your 21st birthday. You did and you took your exam maybe you pass it or maybe you did bad and oh boy did your head hurt all you wanted to do was to be in bed all day. Next May 15, 2022, it will be over for most of us will start getting ready for Monday morning for a new beginning. Whatever your beginning will be enjoy the summer and believe that you made it to the last four years and success will only beget success. Stay focused on your new goal a remember that every day you wake up is a new opportunity to make a difference in your life and the world. Thank Mike and the WAA team for everything. The advertising cowboy will head ride out into the sunset. I wish you all success to all and may the WARHAWK Force be with you.

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