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Should I Ad Advertising?

What is advertising? Who needs it? Who wants it? Who can afford it? Advertising is a fundamental tool that helps your business compete and convince consumers that you are the one they should choose. When well-planned and thought out, a successful advertising message helps potential buyers create an emotional connection, discover a love for your product, and return time and time again. Believe it or not, all companies need advertising help. Understanding the processes of developing an IMC campaign, knowing your target audience, what media channels work best for you can be overwhelming for anyone (including marketing/advertising majors). WAA helps businesses stay ahead of the game while ethically competing with other brands. Our team of advertising and marketing college students help guide small business owners through the ins and outs of advertising; working one on one with you we can help your small business meet its full potential.

But who can afford advertising? Fortunately, here at WAA we offer reasonable rates and your first consultation is free. We work with you and your advertising budget: small, medium, or large. There are many affordable and cost-effective techniques available. Next week’s blog I will cover ways to advertise without having to break the bank. See you all next week!

-The advertising cowboy Reynaldo.

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