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Do Not Worry be Happy

Today is Saturday, April 23, 2022, a beautiful day, and I am so happy that I woke again. I could have started by writing about what part of my body hurts. Why because I have an opportunity to make difference in the world today and maybe help someone see life more positively. Today we have many unhappy people and groups trying to tell us that we should hate each because of the color of our skin, and religion. Even worse yet be hated because we do not agree or think like them. I did not take the oath to serve and protect the Flag and the United State to have people tell me how to think. People are beautiful regardless of their skin color, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation. In the name of saving the planet, we are now having people worry if they should pay their rent, medication, or electricity bill. Because are destroying the earth. Who do you think is going to care if we get into a nuclear war with Russia, Iran, or China? I am not trying to make light of Green Energy but tomorrow the civilian killing meteor hit us or the earthquake and volcanic decide to unleash the destructive power. Let’s be grateful for today and respect each other and try to find a solution to help those who are fighting life-ending diseases, hunger, and addiction that are destroying families. Yes, let’s do the best we can to save the planet but let us enjoy today and I pray that I wake up tomorrow. Reynaldo Mayans. (A.C.)

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