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Ads Shouldn't Add To Your Debt

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Most small business owners know the importance of publicity and getting their identity out there. Like most things, however, money plays a fundamental factor. Developing an advertising budget not only depends on how much you should spend, but also where you should spend it. The first steps to developing your advertising budget is research, research, research! Understanding the characteristics of your consumers, and how to reach them, are key when determining where to spend money in your advertising campaign. Doing effective research in the beginning can save lots of money down the road for any business, big or small.

Once you have your research, it’s a matter of how you use it. Copywriting refers to creative content made for commercials or ads. Although copywriting can be an artform all its own, incorporating research, specific to your company, can give copywriting the backing it needs to truly connect with both your current and potential consumers.

Taking on an advertising budget can be a daunting endeavor, especially when you are new to the advertising industry. Usually, business owners turn to an advertising agency for such services but often many are discouraged by the large investment. These agencies have years of experience in content marketing, and working with one can reduce the stress of trying out several marketing strategies that may or may not work. However, WAA is an agency of aspiring student advertisers that work with small businesses and their budgets. We offer affordable rates, and your first consultation with us is absolute free. Tune in next week- Reynaldo Mayans the Advertising Cowboy.

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