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Ads in the End Zone! pt. 2

Now we make our way to the Super Bowl in 2002 where the St. Louis Rams played toe to toe with the New England Patriots. Tom Brady played and won his first Super Bowl meanwhile Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen were both in kindergarten! Patrick Mahomes was the same age as Tom Brady when both got their first Super Bowl victory at the age of 24. Back then the average price for a 30 second TV spot was $5,200,000 with a viewership of 98,477,000 on CBS. The top five commercials were Solo: A Star Wars Story, Doritos Blaze, Avengers: Infinity War, Amazon Echo, and Pepsi on Fox. We will have to wait for Sunday to see who will be in the top five this year. The price for the 30 second spots this year is only $5,600,000 and the viewership is expected to 99,900,000. Besides Fox, someone will have a great paid day. Reynaldo Mayans the Advertising Cowboy.

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