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A Look into the Careers Within an Advertising Agency

There are many careers within an advertising agency that help it function and produce great quality ads. Each career is very different when it comes to the tasks and responsibilities that they hold. However, all of their work eventually comes together in an ad campaign that they put together for their client. Within the Whitewater Advertising Association we focus on three of the major careers in an agency.

The first career is the account manager. This position is very important to the overall outcome of every ad campaign. The account manager is the person that transfers messages from the client to the creative team, and vice versa. Since the creative team does not communicate directly with the clients, the account manager must be able to understand the ideas and needs of the client and relay those to the creative team. They also must make sure that the creative team fulfills the goals set by the clients. This is a very business and communication heavy career. You must be able to reach compromises and meet the needs of the client to be successful.

The second career is the copywriter. Copywriting is found within the creative team. Copywriters are in charge of writing copy for commercials, ads, and social media posts. This is a position where writers can use their creative writing skills almost every day. Copywriters still need to make sure that their content fulfills the requirements set by the client, but they have the freedom to think creatively and outside the box.

The third career that we cover at WAA is the ad designer. Like copywriting, the ad designer is a piece of the creative team. The ad designers get to think creatively as well, while they create visuals for the ad campaign. Depending on the type of ad, the designers can expect to work with computer programs that help them design and edit quality visuals. They must design creative ads that work with the content from the copywriters, but they also must meet the needs of the client.

Overall, the client has the final say on the ad campaign specifics, but these three careers help the client’s ideas become a reality. Communication between the three positions is vital to the quality of the ad and the relationship that the agency has with the client.

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